Emerald Humming Bird

Emerald Humming Bird

A new species of humming bird was discovered today. The male has long peacock like feathers as well as smaller pink feathers that resemble flowers in the tail.
An attempt at painting more creatively, dedicated to my sister.

I usually paint from reference photos rather than my imagination, what do you prefer?

I quite enjoyed the freedom of being able to combine as many pretty things as I could.

Thanks for looking, any feedback is appreciated…


About Ella Smethurst

Emerging artist currently living in Melbourne, Australia.
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2 Responses to Emerald Humming Bird

  1. sarahsmeth says:

    Wish I could zoom in and look at him close up! I love the little flowers that you added in, and he’s got a great shape for something you didn’t copy. I think this is a great start but you could go even further with being creative. I like the idea of taking something that’s real (and unusual) – a humming bird with peacock feathers and exaggerating it all, interpreting the elements of it to make it something much more than it is. Even though you may not have used a picture as reference it looks like you could have, and although that’s not a bad thing at all, if you’re going to work from your imagination then I’d really let loose and see what happens! Otherwise, love it! If only my birthday or Christmas was coming up…he’d look great on my wall! xo

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